The Foundation would like to thank Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC for his ongoing support and for the generous donation he has made on behalf of the crew members listed below who worked with him on Amazon’s The Peripheral.
Camera Department
Stuart Howell
Shaun Cobley
Rodrigo Gutierrez
Nathan Mann
Nathan Lloyd
Alex Teale
Charles Curtis
Ben Jesse
Jacob Crow
DIT Department
Joe Dibble
Florina Barabas
Andy Long
Paul Brewster
Wailoon Chung
Simon Beach
Mat Holloway
Kacper Jaszcz
Craig Broughton
Mike Parsons
Adam Bullock
Derek Fitzsimmons
Daniel Sarpong
Electrical Riggers
Paul Barker
Duncan Brown
Michael Race
Craig Holden
Rigging Electrical
Ian Franklin
Stuart Mansell
Steve Cortie
Paul Sharp
Paul Dewhurst
Dick Conway
Michael MacKintosh
Andrew Siddall
David Wells
Mack Behan
Tim Critchell
Aaron Shiels
Buzz Critchell
Matthew Gasper
Tony Trufitt
Ben Dinsey
Ollie Packer
Ryan McDonagh
Shadow Camera
Nic Milner
Michael Hannan
Roland Philips
Tom Burlinson
Matthew White
Steve Finn