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Time To Make Our Sets Safe

Mark Milsome, a talented camera operator was killed whilst filming a car stunt on location in Ghana in 2017. Five years have since passed during which time little has changed to improve the safety of crew and all those working in the British Film & Television Industry.

On the 5th anniversary of Mark’s death, the Foundation is calling for long overdue cultural change to protect and empower the workforce, so such a tragedy never happens again. It is our goal that everyone working on a production should be provided with health and safety training.

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Take the Mark Milsome Film & TV Online Safety Passport – it costs just £20 and takes 90 minutes to complete. Available here.

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Head to our merchandise page to purchase one of our MMF products whilst donating to the charities mission of improving health & safety standards and supporting young people in the film & television industry.

Camera Trainees Ready for 2023

Follow the below links to take a look at their CVs:

Alfie Thompson

Angie Ymeraj 

Robert Oliver